Chesterton Sixth Form College

Our academic offer for students will be built around individuals. Expert-led curriculum design and outstanding teaching and learning will form the basis of a bespoke, personalised approach to ensuring all students make excellent progress on all courses. Our exceptional track record in realising the full academic potential of all students will be emulated at A-Level.

Academic Offer

Aspirational for all

At Chesterton we pride ourselves on having unapologetically high expectations for all our students.

This is exemplified by the ambitious academic curriculum we allow all our students to access.

Our A-Level provision will build on this culture of academic aspiration and achievement by encouraging students to study challenging courses, and offering the right support in order to ensure they achieve.

Expert led

Our staff body boasts a broad and impressive array of subject expertise across the board, ensuring we have the capacity to plan and deliver rigorous, challenging and engaging curricula in all subject areas.

Bespoke provision

The relatively small size of our sixth form provision will allow us the opportunity to create programmes of study which are bespoke to each student.

All subject combinations will be considered, and we will do all we can to facilitate the number and range of subjects each student wishes to study.

Our two existing trust sixth form colleges allow us additional flexibility in achieving this.

Academic mentoring

From very the start of year 12, students will receive 1:1 academic mentoring with a relevant subject specialist,  focussed on broadening academic horizons; developing research and revision skills; and with a focus on stretching and challenging our learners beyond the confines of the curriculum.

Strengthens our community networks

Within the CB4 area there exists a strong network of primary, secondary and special schools who work closely together for the benefit of all students locally.

Adding an A-Level provider would further strengthen this partnership, for example by providing opportunities for further outreach work with disadvantaged students in the primary sector.

Individualised focus

Our unrelenting focus on knowing every student well and providing targeted support for each individual’s needs will continue at A-Level.

Expert staff will be given the freedom to tailor their teaching to each student in their classroom, with out of lesson support and intervention designed to support each and every student in excelling in all their courses.