Chesterton Sixth Form College

These suggested admissions arrangements are being consulted on concurrently with the proposal to extend Chesterton Community College’s age range to encompass 16-18 provision from September 2022.

Admissions Statement

Courses on offer

Chesterton Sixth Form is intended to be a level 3 centre offering:

  • A-Level qualifications
  • Level 3 Extended Project Qualification

Cohort size

We expect to be able to offer places to 100 students in each year 12 cohort.

Priority will be given, as below, to students who meet the minimum entry requirements and are applying from secondary schools within the Eastern Learning Alliance.

Contextual offers

We intend to use contextual offers, at the discretion of the centre, where disadvantaged students* will be considered for a place at Chesterton Sixth Form with an academic profile of predicted grades that do not yet meet the standard entry requirements for their chosen courses, but where there is demonstrated high potential. 

Students taking up a contextual offer will have access to additional support to make accelerated progress with a focus on subject areas relevant to their chosen A-Level courses.

Disadvantaged students will also be prioritised in the event of oversubscription, as outlined below.

*Disadvantaged students includes those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding in year 11, those in receipt of free school meals at any time in the six years prior to applying to Chesterton Sixth Form, looked after children and previously looked after children.

Entry Requirements

Students will meet our minimum academic entry requirements, in addition to the subject specific requirements for their chosen courses.

Minimum academic entry requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 grade 6s at GCSE, including 6s in English and maths
  • If a Level 2 vocational course has been studied as a GCSE alternative, a level 2 Merit will be required.
  • A maximum of two level 2 vocational courses will be considered as part of our offer.

Subject specific entry requirements:

These will vary by subject, and will be published in our prospectus and on our website.

Entry requirements will be the same for internal and external applicants as per the Schools Admissions Code. We will offer all students with an EHCP who meet the entry requirements for their chosen courses a place at Chesterton Sixth Form.

Oversubscription criteria

In the case of oversubscription of applicants meeting the published academic entry requirements, the following admissions criteria will be used:

  1. Looked after children (LAC) and previously looked after children.
  2. Students in receipt of Pupil Premium funding in year 11.
  3. Students who attend an Eastern Learning Alliance secondary school at the time of application.
  4. Students who attend Cambridge Area Partnership schools or who live in the Local Authority defined areas served by these schools at the time of application
    Cambridge Partnership 14-19 – Home (
  5. Students who apply from outside the CAP.

Oversubscription within a category

Priority will be given to students living nearest to Chesterton Sixth Form, as measured by a straight line.

The distance, for admissions purposes, is measured using the straight-line distance from the centre point of the student’s main home address to the centre point of the school campus.

Where it is not possible to determine priority on the basis of distance, the tie break will be determined by way of a random allocation process overseen by an individual independent of the Trust.

Cambridge Area Partnership Schools

Bassingbourn Village College, Bottisham Village College, Chesterton Community College, City of Ely Community College, Coleridge Community College, Comberton Village College, Cottenham Village College, Impington Village College, Linton Village College, North Cambridge Academy, Melbourn Village College, Parkside Community College, Sawston Village College, Soham Village College, St Bedes School, Swavesey Village College, The Netherhall School, Trumpington Community College, Witchford Village College.

Impact on Chesterton Community College 11-16 Admissions

The admission number for Chesterton Sixth Form does not reduce the pupil admission number for Chesterton Community College. 

In agreement with the Local Authority Chesterton Community College will not admit above 210 students in year 7 so as to not impact negatively on schools locally.  

In 2021’s first round of admissions, all year 6 students living in catchment received an offer of a place.