Chesterton Sixth Form College

Disadvantaged students have, on average lower levels of qualifications at the end of every key stage - this will be amplified further in the post pandemic climate. This attainment gap has enormous implications for the final qualification a student can expect to achieve before entering the labour market and ultimately on their social mobility.  We will have a strategic focus on closing the attainment gap not only at Level 3 but also at earlier key stages.

Prioritising Disadvantaged Students

KS2 & KS3 Outreach

Students and staff at Chesterton Sixth Form will engage in a range of outreach work with local primary and secondary schools to support disadvantaged pupils in realising their potential by the end of key stages 2 &3. 

This support will use and build upon the strong network that already exists within the CB4 schools. 

The primary and secondary school outreach work will be guided by our senior colleagues across the network but is likely to involve free mentors, tutors and classroom assistants to support pupils as well as subject specific masterclasses and enrichment activities.

KS4 students THRIVE

Students, staff and associates of Chesterton Sixth Form will offer KS4 disadvantaged students support as part of a THRIVE project, a mentoring project designed to help participants make the most of their final school year(s).

The THRIVE project will develop and deliver a programme of workshops, lectures, one day events etc with visiting speakers and professionals aimed not only at supporting progress and outcomes for local KS4 disadvantaged students but also at inspiring, motivating and raising aspirations.


KS5 Scholars

The Scholars programme will provide an alternative entry route to further education for students with high potential who would otherwise be excluded. 

Scholars who take up the offer will have access to a dedicated tutor, study skills support, subject specific support and resourcing.

The personalised approach to closing the gap for disadvantaged students at Chesterton will continue at the sixth form with bespoke provision created for individual students to allow for an accelerated experience.

KS5 Associates

The Associates project will support KS5 disadvantaged students to gain work experience and develop networks within fields of personal and professional interests.