Chesterton Sixth Form College

See below a collation of reports and appendices referenced in this proposal.

Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust’s recent comments on social mobility and 16-19 education:

If we really care about social mobility, we can’t forget about 16-19 year olds – Sutton Trust

Cambridge 2030

Cambridge 2030: An initiative with the aim of fighting inequality in Cambridge. We have reached out to express interest in working together on shared aims:

“The discrepancy between the highest and lowest earning neighbourhoods extends through all areas of life, affecting social mobility, educational attain- ment, employment opportunities and even life expectancy.”

Cambridge 2030 | Action to end poverty

Social Mobility Commission

Social Mobility Commission monitoring report on post-16
segregation indices, and the need for additional post-16 choice to level the academic playing field for disadvantaged students:

Monitoring Report 2013 to 2020 (


DfE report into ‘lost learning’ and the particular impact of the pandemic on disadvantaged learners.


A report from the Education Policy Institute (2018) confirming:-

  • Segregation is increasing in post-16 education
  • Cambridgeshire LA has the 5th largest post-16 segregation score in England


The Institute’s recommendations to tackle this growing problem mirror our vision:


  • Prioritise pupil wellbeing
  • Ensure early and sustained additional support for those who need it
  • Ensure access to a broad curriculum including out of school learning opportunities
  • Ensure a high quality and stable staff workforce


A follow up report published by the EPI in March 2021 confirming that:

  • Disadvantaged students fall further behind their peers at the 16-19 phase
  • Disadvantaged students tend to enter fewer, and lower level, qualifications.

However, in recent years the total number of qualifications entered has dropped by a greater amount for non-disadvantaged students than it has for disadvantaged students.

  • The impact of the pandemic is very likely to exacerbate the existing qualification and attainment gaps
  • One recommendation: “high achieving disadvantaged students are more likely to take qualifications associated with lower prior attainment. Information, advice and guidance targeted at high attaining disadvantaged students should play a role in addressing this mismatch” echoes the intended provision and support Chesterton will offer from KS2 onwards, with the aim of helping more disadvantaged students aspire to take academic qualifications at post-16.